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Seong Ryong Yang Head shot.jpeg

Dr. Seong R. Yang, L.Ac, DACM

Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine 

Licensed Acupuncturist (NY, NJ)

NCCAOM Diplomate of Oriental Medicine​

Teaching Assistant at Pacific College of Health and Science (NY)


Pacific College of Oriental Medicine - New York
Master in Science of Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM)

Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM)


DUBG Academy USA - Sports KM

DUBG Academy USA - Sa-am Acupuncture

DUBG Academy USA - KM Mental Health

DUBG - Donguibogam (website)

KM - Korean Medicine


Group Acupuncture for Pain - Assistant


"I've never done acupuncture before and started seeing Dr. Yang for general health upkeep and some chronic fluid retention issues I've been having. Dr. Yang has been incredible in making me feel at ease, answering all my questions and explaining everything he was doing. I’ve gotten a lot of useful diet information that I incorporated into my lifestyle for less period pain, better sleep and digestion.


I've seen him twice when I was really in pain -- once when I pinched my neck nerve and couldn't turn my head for 3 days (he relieved the pain within 15 minutes) and once when I had severe period cramps (he took it all away within 20 minutes and the pain didn't come back anymore). I think anybody having any sort of feminine health issues, digestive & sleep issues, fluid circulation issues and pain should do acupuncture treatments.


The office is very clean and conveniently located and I always have a relaxing nap while I'm there. He accepts credit cards and has a convenient patient portal where you can schedule & reschedule appointments, pay for future visits, exchange messages etc.


I am now hooked on acupuncture and recommend it to all my friends who I think will benefit from it and I definitely recommend Dr. Yang."



"I was exhausted from relying on heavy topical steroid creams and antibiotics to treat my rosacea and eczema for the past 4 years, only to have my condition rebound and flare up when I stopped use of medications. It put a heavy dent on my confidence and became withdrawn from my daily activities, even taking a year absence from work and school. 


Rather than relieving just my symptoms I realized it was more important to treat the root cause. That's when I started researching alternative medicine and reached out to Dr. Yang. 


After receiving his consultation and treatment for the past 2 months, not only did I start to understand what food and habits triggered the inflammation but I had successfully stopped relying on steroid creams and eliminated antibiotics, altogether. 


Needless to say, Dr. Yang helped me regain my confidence and gave me a solution. To this day, I continue to receive treatment 2X a week as long-term preventive care and overall health upkeep. If there's one important lesson I learned from my ordeal, it is: our body is our temple, shouldn't we take care of it in every way possible?


Dr. Yang has my highest recommendation as a medical practitioner and friend. He's a considerate individual who deeply cares and my only regret was wasting years and not going to him sooner."



"I've been going to Dr. Yang for acupuncture for more than 4 months for digestive and reproductive issues - under his care, I got immediate results!


My period wasn't coming for more than 5 months, but 5 days after I began treatment with him, I was fully menstruating.


Digestive issues require even longer treatment but I have noticeably gotten better as well.


His fresh knowledge of acupuncture and eastern medicine are applied thoroughly during every session along with his excellent bedside manners.


I have already recommended him to my close family and friends and will continue to spread the word about his gentle and attentive attitude toward every patient's problems and how to effectively solve them."



"He is the 5th acupuncturist that I've gone to, and my body had the best reaction to what he does.

I've been suffering from poor digestion for almost 10 years, and once western medicine did little to nothing, I turned to eastern medicine. The four previous doctors did have an effect, but the symptoms would always come back. Each person reacts differently to different acupuncturists, and I believe I finally found the one for me.

If you're a local, then I would definitely say try him out. I don't know how many acupuncturists are near by, but he's the closest to me.

The doctor gives honest diagnosis, and will help to feel better by giving lists of foods, and drinks that are good and bad.

In Acupuncture also has an actual website that is very mobile friendly to make appointments and to consult."


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